Artist Statement:


Michelle Poston

Teacher, small business owner and artist with the ability to work both alone, and in a group setting. Focused on providing creative solutions, using the materials at hand, with a flair for style and artistry. Self-motivated, disciplined, and experienced by time as a freelancer and serving in the military.

Michelle has always been in love with the art, design, history and natural environment of the world. Her years overseas with the US Navy exposed Michelle to the cultural arts of Asia and the Middle East, while her training in drawing, graphic design, fiber arts and history have allowed her to excel at creating art. Her artwork is inspired by traditional methods of illustration combined with her own detailed observations and imagination. Michelle enjoys combining her skills in fine arts with modern designs. She feels that work on the computer is enhanced by hand drawings and that hand drawing can be inspired by what the computer programs can do. In whatever she creates, Michelle depicts the subject using her detail oriented skills from scientific illustration, while finding the essence of personality each subject has, whether it is animal, mineral or vegetable and then bringing that essence to the forefront.