Meeting the Mantis - cover art by Michelle Poston

Meeting the Mantis by John Ashford
Cover art byMichelle Poston
 Searching for a Man in the Desert and Finding the Kalahari Bushmen


2013 UW NSI Anthology

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Class Anthologyy available through This softcover book features artwork from all graduates of the 2012-2013 University of Washington Natural Science Illustration Certification program, along with information about natural science illustration in general and the various techniques used by the artists.


2013 Stratus

Stratus: Journal of Arts and Writing, University of Washington, 2012-2013, is also available through This book is a compilation of select submissions from the graduates and students of the UW Professional and Continuing Education and UW Educational Outreach arts programs. It contains two illustrations from my time in the UW Natural Science Illustration program. For a downloadable PDF visit this page.