Playing with shape

I'm in the process of redesigning the logo for my dance troupe, Karavans Dance Troupe, and I've been given almost free reign. The troupe performs folkloric dances of North Africa, the Middle East and Persia in a very traditional manner with very traditional costumes. I wanted the logo to reflect that and have a retro vibe. I've already updated the facebook images and feel I'm on the track to capturing the feel I want the logo to have. So I let myself try something a little more modern to see where it would take me:

I'm very happy with the result. Instead of focusing on the images I chose to have them support the letters in the negative space creating one shape. The font still gives the retro vibe to me while the shape is more minimalist and modern. I'm going to keep experimenting and see what else I can come up with because I'm really enjoying this project and can't wait to see what direction it goes to next.